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Local Saint Louis, MO Support:

Home Office/Small Office/Local Residential IT Support Services;

$28 per Hour, 1st hour is all inclusive! then $22 for each addition hour, charged in 15 minutes increments! with a Minimum Charge of 1 hour!

We provide on-Site support Services, please Email, fill out the 'Contact Us' page or Call for an appointment!

Just added on 6-18-17, we now offer Data Recover for Windows based Systems. Ovian LLC aquired new software for Data Recovery! Drive Sizing/Resizing/Repartitioning!

Hardware & software upgrades (if your laptop/Desktop is older than seven years, you may want to replace it & not fix it. 

We've recommendations tailored to your choice & type of work done) "New" Laptop/Desktop/Printer/Scanner/WIFI Printer/Router/Wifi-Router/Tablet/Accessories/Peripherals setup, configuration & installation MS Office 2007/2010/2013 support & expert advise for Word/Excel/Powerpoint/One Note, etc.

Virus/  Malware removal / New AntiVirus setup & configuration Windows OS Re-installations/Repair/Fixes & Data Backup & restore/Recovery ( & HOW To options in the future ) OS Optimizations /Tweaks (Windows, All Versions)

NAS/Backup Solution Setup & configuration & security setup Setup/Test/Optimize/Secure small versions of Hardware Firewall(Netgear, Zyxel/Dell SonicWall)

As a full-service IT consulting firm, Ovian LLC offers the following services: Again, let us emphasis, that you will not Pay a Penny until the work has been completed to your satisfaction. Yes, we warranty our work for 30 days! NO Such a thing as Trip Charge (within 30 miles of Creve Coeur)!

1st time Clients/Customers receive a discount!


Business Services:

$34 Per Hour with 1st Hour All inclusive ! Then $32 per Hour, charged in 15 minutes increments! With a Minimum charge of 1 Hour!

Server Optimization, Securing, Backup Setup & configuration using Net Backup, A/V setup & Configuration of Windows based Servers installations/configurations/recommendations/upgrades (especially HP & Dell)

Other services (i.e. Wifi Router(s)/Extenders configuration & setup/Security configuration/update FW Firmware,etc.

Setup/Test/Optimize/Secure small versions of Hardware Firewall(Netgear, Zyxel/Dell SonicWall)

Active Directory Management (2008 R2 or Win 2012 R2/Win 2016) & recommendations, Projects & Setup of the whole domain for your Small Business! 

Troubleshooting/Setup/Security configuration of workstations/Laptops/Servers running Windows. 

Drive Sizing/Resizing/Repartitioning/Server clustering/RAID setup for Servers! 

Please note that we don't run the network cables around the office!


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