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Ovian LLC - Remote Support Process for Home/Home Office USA residents;

Please Call/Email/SMS or Schedule an oline appointment today!

Once we have your contact details, we 'll reach out to you to help you download a small applet from our trusted Remote Support Vendor Website (via Link to email/SMS or over the phone) so that we can remote to your Problem PC.

Then we'll work with you over the phone & over the Internet via secure app to troubleshoot to resolution any issues you have with your PC.

Requirements for this Support model is:

You 're 16 years of age or older (Adult)

You Reside in the Continental U.S.A

You have access to the Internet on the Problem PC

You 're running Microsoft Windows Operating System on your personal Laptop/Desktop/All-in-one (Problem PC)

You have a Credit card /Paypal payment method that is valid (Visa/Amex/MasterCard)

We offer discounted pricing for:

1st time callers/clients
Army Vets & their families
Senior Citizens

We respect & honor your concers/privacy & confidentiality!

Thank You for your time & business & trust!

Tech headaches? Questions ? Inquiries!
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tel: +1855-684-2626
tel: +1314-439-1289 SMS/Cell
Email: CS@ovian.com

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