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Home Office/Small Office/Local Residential IT Support Services in Saint Louis, Missouri, within 25 Miles range of 

Fenton, MO:

        We provide on-Site support Services, please Email or Call or schedule an appointment online!
Laptop/Desktop/Printer/Scanner/WIFI Printer/Router/Wifi-Router/Tablet/Accessories/Peripherals setup, configuration & installation

Support & expert advise for Word/Excel/Powerpoint/OneNote (MS Office 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/Office 365)
Virus/Malware/Trojans removal / New AntiVirus setup & configuration (Clean & Optimize your PC)
Windows OS Re-installations/Repair/Fixes
Data Backup & restore/Recovery (& HOW To options for the future)
OS Optimizations/Tweaks (for PCs running Microsoft Windows, All Versions)
NAS/Backup Solution Setup & configuration & security setup
Drive resizing & repartitioning is available as well

Training on MS Windows - at your location in Saint Louis, MO or Remote for U.S.A residents!

REMOTE Support:

Yes, We offer Remote IT Support for all of your needs for PCs able to reach the internet for home/home office PCs.

Feel free to call in, Email, SMS on Cell or Schedule an appointment today!

Small Business Services Offered:

As a full-service IT consulting firm, Ovian LLC offers the following services:
Server Optimization, Securing, Backup Setup & configuration using Net Backup, A/V setup & Configuration
Server installations /configurations/recommendations/upgrades (especially HP & Dell Servers)
Other services (i.e. Wifi Router(s)/Extenders configuration & setup)
Active Directory Management (for servers running Windows 2008 R2/Win 2012 R2/Win 2016/Win 2019) & recommendations
Troubleshooting of workstations/Laptops/Servers running Windows.


We don't run LAN Cables through offices.

We don't work on broken laptop screens.

We don't mount security Cameras!

Consultation is Free!
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Ovian LLC
tel: +1855-684-2626
tel: +1314-439-1289 SMS/Cell
Email: CS@ovian.com

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