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In-Home IT Support Services ($30/hr)

Home Office/Small Office/Local Residential IT Support Services in Saint Louis, Missouri, within 30 Miles range of 
Fenton, MO:
        We provide on-Site support Services, please Email, Chat online, Call or Schedule an appointment online!
Laptop/Desktop/Printer/Scanner/WIFI Printer/Router/Wifi-Router/Tablet/Accessories/Peripherals setup, configuration & installation

Support & expert advise for Word/Excel/Powerpoint/OneNote (MS Office 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021/Office 365)
Virus/Malware/Trojans removal / New AntiVirus setup & configuration (Clean & Optimize your PC)
Windows 10/11 Home & Pro OS Re-installations/Repair/Fixes
Data Backup & restore/Recovery (& HOW To options for the future)
OS Optimizations/Tweaks (for PCs running Microsoft Windows, All Versions)
NAS/Backup Solution Setup & configuration & security setup
Drive resizing & repartitioning is available as well

Training on MS Windows – at your location in Saint Louis, MO or Remote for U.S.A residents!

Small Business IT Support Services ($38/hr)

As a full-service IT consulting firm, Ovian LLC offers the following services in Saint Louis, Missouri:
Server Optimization, Securing, Backup Setup & configuration using Net Backup, A/V setup & Configuration
Server installations /configurations/recommendations/upgrades (especially HP & Dell Servers)
Other services (i.e. Wifi Router(s)/Extenders configuration & setup)
Active Directory Management (for servers running Windows 2012R2/Win 2016/Win 2019/Win 2022) & recommendations
Troubleshooting of workstations running Windows 10/11 Home & Pro OS Re-installations/Repair/Fixes/Laptops/Servers running Windows.

We don’t run LAN Cables through offices.
We don’t work on broken laptop screens.
We don’t mount security Cameras!
Consultation is Free!

100% Remote IT Support Services ($28/hr)

Yes, We offer Remote IT Support for all of your needs, for PCs able to reach the internet for home/home office PCs. PC & Caller must be residing in the U.S.a!
Feel free to Call in, Chat online, Email, SMS on Cell or Schedule an appointment today! Consultation is Always Free (15 min), Thank you!

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